Kill the Ragdoll 2 Game

The King of Sandbox Mutilation Returns

kill the ragdoll 2

There aren't that many ragdoll killing games out there with the pure essence being to take one of many weapons to a block shaped minecraft style ragdoll and go to work, whether that be for PC or Android. Even if we look beyond mutilation to haphazard stunts and the rest, I think the Mutilate the Doll series has to be the best one. It's even now been launched on Steam in a premium version with even more options to choose from!

Kill the Ragdoll 2 in the flash version still has plenty to sample before you even consider paying $10 for the downloadable desktop version. Still the extended version has received positive reviews so if you do like the flash one here I recommend checking out the Steam version after.

Play the Game Online

Android Version Update

Currently there is no Android or iOS version of the game out available. Any games that look similar on the Playstore are fake and don't even work as good copies of the true game created by Rava Games.

Credible Alternatives

credible alternatives

There are however other Ragdoll Android games that don't pretend to be the real deal, the popular "Ragdoll Achievement" which also has an online version and another called "Kill Ragdoll by Evensoft". Though weapons to use are in short supply the game does hold up as a fun playable alternative and has received good reviews on the Playstore.

Secrey Exit Android Ragdoll Games

We can also recommend Secret Exit Games Stair and Turbo Dismount games as alternative Ragdoll physics games to have fun with on Android. You can download them both here.