Kill the Ragdoll: An Experimental Sandbox Killing Game

Mutilate-a-doll 2

Are you ready to experiment on killing your ragdoll through methods such as burning, torching, blowing up, beheading, smashing, hammering and even turning your dummy into cookies?

Play Dummy Mutilator

Some would say that killing a ragdoll is a harmless spot of fun, in particular when compared to more vulgar games such as the Torture Game 2 at Newgrounds released back in 2008 - a more cruder and older version of this far more creative ragdoll physics title.

Of course just because your ragdoll has no face and is more block than human, doesn't mean the stress relief obtained from it's destruction and performing a rather large and explosive experiment on it is any less gratifying. Indeed armed with a variety of different effects including lasers, fires and bombs, you can take great satisfaction in watching the doll get truly destroyed and tossed from one end of the screen to the other. Try for yourself! This game is certainly a step up on previous dummy inspired titles such as Max Games "Crash Test Launcer" but perhaps not quiet as good as the far more sophisticated 3D fight-fest offered by Drunken Wrestlers 2.